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I. Legal Counseling

We provide comprehensive legal advice on the protection of personal data, including monitoring of data registration systems, contracts and related forms, reviewing policies, procedures, regulations and information on the collection, processing, sharing and deletion of personal data, making necessary amendments and / or drafting additional legal documents if needed.

If you need support in this regard, please contact us at info@kpveri.com

II. Business Process Analysis and Consulting

KP Data Consultancy inspects the business processes of the institutions in full detail in the context of personal data protection and compliance with the law and provides services to implement these changes without disrupting the workflow.

Based on the sector in which the organization is based, KP Data Consultancy analyzes the business processes and flows related to personal data processing for each business unit, implements improvements and makes it compatible with the Law. In addition to integrating applicable rules into workflows, new business processes and flows related to the functioning of the institution (such as application, appeal and complaints processes of the data subjects) required by the new regulation are introduced by experienced process analysts.

If you need support in this regard, please contact us at info@kpveri.com

III. Data Management

a. Data Inventory and Analysis

Within the context of the compliance process, it is of critical importance for organizations to identify personal data that they currently hold. The preparing of personal data inventory is only possible if the following questions are answered in a way that covers all the business units and processes in the organization:

What Personal Information?

From what sources?

By which methods?

On what legal basis?

For what purposes?

With whom?

With which processes?

By which departments?

With which technologies?

By whom?

How Long?

For this study, meetings and workshops are usually organized with the relevant managers from all business units to obtain information about personal data and processes.

Data analysis and classification software are used if we are aiming to produce a more comprehensive and precise data inventory. KP Data Consulting offers such solutions with its solution partners expert on data inventory and management.

If you need support in this regard, you can contact us at info@kpveri.com

b. Data Management – Secure Data Life Cycle

Effective and systematic management of personal data is only possible if a secure data life cycle is established. We provide consultation services through our partners, identifying the solutions and requirements needed to ensure that organizations receive maximum efficiency during the lifecycle of their personal data and to make sure they comply with KVKK and internal security policies. We also provide advice on data classification, labeling, storage, archiving, backup, destruction, business continuity, security management for your technical infrastructure, endpoint, e-mail and messaging security solutions that you will need in these areas through our solution partners.

Please check out our “Solution Partners” page or contact us at info@kpveri.com for detailed information.

Örnek Görsel:

IV. Data Security

Data security consists of 3 main components: Privacy, Integrity and Accessibility.

  • This means that the data is protected against unauthorized access. Information should only be accessible to persons and institutions with access.
  • This means that the data is not changed by unauthorized persons. The corruption of the integrity of the data is considered as an important security breach.

Data is easily accessible and available in case they are needed by the authorized parties.

Real people and organizations that process personal data can keep their business processes intact as long as they control access rights by ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of their data. It is important to secure and control connections to and from the outside world, which is one of the main threats to data security.

KP Data Consulting, which provides services in cooperation with expert solution partners on data security, determines the elements that can put the security of institutions’ personal data in danger after the analyzes and individual reviews with regard to the weaknesses of the institutions’ existing structures. These findings are then used to form security policies and procedures in parallel with the institutions’ business processes. KP Data Consulting provides advisory services by recommending end-to-end solutions specific to the needs of institutions regarding data security. Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), encryption solutions are among the effective solutions used for data security.

The first goal of the data security infrastructure to be established in accordance with the KVKK should be to fulfill the criteria of “accountability" and “verifiability". The technical measures to be taken with regard to data security during the compliance with the law must be applied in the light of these criteria.

Data Security Consultancy also covers the preparation of intervention plans in case of data breach, the creation of processes related to notifications to be made to relevant institutions and persons, and policies on data security.

If you need support in this regard, please contact us at info@kpveri.com

V. Organizational Adaptation and Awareness Trainings

a. Awareness Workshops and Trainings

We organize necessary workshops and trainings in order to create institutional awareness with regard to the protection of personal data and compliance with the law and to reflect this understanding into management and business processes.

Awareness training is one of the main components of KP Data Consulting’s personal data protection consultancy services. Our services start after the training is given to relevant departments and the necessary information is provided. At the end of the project, new policy and procedural trainings on the process of compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law are also organized for the employees of the institution.

In addition, awareness trainings on personal data protection can be arranged in a way that will be attended by all relevant institutional employees, in total 3 hours (half day). Depending on the needs of the institution and the sector, it is possible to prepare special training programs for the institution and add different modules to the trainings. Awareness training is provided by expert lawyers of KP Data Consulting.

If you need support in this regard, please contact us at info@kpveri.com

b. Organization and Governance Consultancy

Protection of personal data and legal compliance is mainly possible with the responsibility and ownership of the management, especially the Board of Directors. Effective and systematic management requires that all relevant units within the institution participate in this process.

As KP Data Consulting, we analyze the competencies and determine the requirements for compliance by considering the organizational structure. We provide comprehensive consulting services, including the identification of new roles and responsibilities for personal data processing within the scope of Personal Data Protection, the creation of job descriptions, the training of relevant employees and the establishment of institutional awareness.

Please contact us for your specific needs and information about our consultancy services.