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Project Approach

Holistic Approach

Compliance with KVKK requires technical, administrative and legal actions to be taken. As KP Data Consultancy, we work together with our expert lawyers, our process analysts and our solution partners to determine possible technical problems and needs. We offer a holistic solution with the help of our team experienced in the fields of KVKK and GDPR.

In the context of KVKK compliance, we define all the technical, administrative and legal actions necessary by preparing the personal data inventory of the companies. At the same time, we also offer customizable solutions that would fit the specific needs of the institutions.

Data Life Cycle

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Holistic Approach

  • Legal
  • Operation
  • Organization
  • Data Management
  • Information Security

  • Legal definitions
  • All policies and procedures
  • Contracts and forms
  • Information Obligation
  • In-house policy, regulations & information notices

  • Analysis of operations and business processes for the company
  • Process revision requirements for personal data
  • New process design

  • Data Officer
  • Roles & responsibilities for data processing, storage & destruction processes
  • Education
  • Corporate Awareness

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Life Cycle
  • Data Storage and Backup
  • Data Destruction / Anonymization
  • Reporting

  • Identity Management
  • Access Management
  • Protecting data leaks
  • Data classification
  • Security Audits

Similar to the holistic approach of KP Data Advisory, we would like our customers to approach the protection of personal data and the compliance projects with the same care and attention. The effective and systematic management of compliance and personal data is possible only with the responsibility and ownership of the top-level management of the companies. It is also important that all the relevant departments participate in the project during the compliance assesments regarding the Protection of Personal Data.

We see that personal data must be safeguarded in a careful and elaborate manner, given the ever-increasing use of personal data and the added value that these data provide to institutions. Likewise, the regulations imposed on the processing of personal data and the transparency demands of individuals in this regard increase the importance given to this issue. In this context, we believe that the protection of personal data should be regarded and applied as a sustainable business process, not as a one-time conformity study to be conducted only for compliance with the law.


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