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Are you in trouble with defaming or insulting web content about you and your past? Do your old photos and old affairs show up in the top rankings in search results and you want to get rid of them? Online Reputation Management services is what you need!

By regularly monitoring the contents of search engines and social media and fighting back against them, it is possible to get rid of unwanted content and shape your perception in the digital world.

KP Data Consulting provides a complete and all-round service which aims to remove search engine results and source content through online and legal applications. It is possible to use the Online Reputation Management service in various areas such as the closure of fake social media accounts, the removal of insulting and defamatory content (comments, videos, etc.), and the unauthorized sharing of visual content (personal photos).

The Online Reputation Management service can be implemented as a one-time, intensive screening and cleaning, or it can be adapted to meet the needs of the people and the institutions in a more comprehensive and responsive way, for example in response to crisis situations.

Special tracking software developed for KP Data Consulting constantly scans digital content about you (social media posts, search engine results etc.), reports and tracks illegal content on a regular basis.

KP Data Consultancy offers an all-round Online Reputation Management service that can be customized according to your needs: Social media and web tracking, analysis and legal rights monitoring.


a. Analysis & Tracking:

We scan the existing content on the Internet and identify every content that may harm your digital presence. We monitor the Internet using keywords and set the alarms that would be triggered by any harmful content.


b. Classification & Labeling:

We sort out the contents that are against the law, and we make the necessary labeling on the software specially developed for our company so that our team of expert lawyers can take care of it.

We are also providing feedback for the institutions’ Corporate Communications and Customer Relations Management Departments and we label positive and negative feedback for your consideration.


c. Legal Support

We conduct all necessary legal procedures for your problems that can not be solved through communication and we provide you with the legal support you need to exercise your rights.


d. Reporting:

We regularly report on the work we do, and we support it with executive summaries and various visualizations so that you can observe and evaluate the results from a broader perspective.

Please contact us for your specific needs and information about our consultancy services.