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Copyright Management

All of your copyrights are safe with us...

KP Data Consultancy offers a broad and effective copyright monitoring and management service, ranging from copyright registration of your works, conducting correspondence with professional associations and institutions, protection of copyrights before unions and judicial authorities. Works published without the permission of the copyright owner cause serious loss of profit and reputation. Copyright owners have to put their guard up against these illegal activities taking place in the digital world. We use all available legal means and on-line remedies for the purpose of preventing and removing these unauthorized publications from search engines and / or from the source sites.

a. Content Monitoring & Notice and Take Down

We provide services for unauthorized use of your content and prevent violations through daily follow-up and notice & take down mechanisms..

b. Legal Support

For those who repeatedly violate your copyrights, we provide legal support so that you can exercise all of the rights you have under applicable law.

Copyright Management

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